An introduction to Nålbindning

Nålbindning is a very old technique for creating items of clothing and other textiles using a single needle and thread. It was largely superseded by knitting and crochet, but has survived because of its amazing qualities when it comes to warmth and durability.

In the booklet we show step by step instructions on simple nålbindning techniques. The guide is designed to be used while holding the needle and thread in your hand and following the instructions one step at the time. With over 50 pictures in color, it gives you a clear and easy guide to this ancient craft and this, the third and extended edition, also includes patterns and instruktions on how to make wrist warmers, socks and a sweater.

The book is in both english and swedish.

To do Nålbindning, you need a needle and yarn. The needle can be made of almost any material, size and shape of the needle is a question of taste.
The yarn to be used is preferebly 100% wool (not superwashed) and in the beginning it is easier to use a yarn that is light in color, thick and fluffy.